Composers of Color of 19th Century New Orleans

After reading this 1988 article by Lester Sullivan, I cataloged works by the composers mentioned that are in the public domain on Enjoy!

Francois Michel Samuel Snaer: Mass for 3 voices

Thomas J Martin – General Persifor F. Smith’s March (piano)

Victor Eugene Macarty – Black Forest Polka (piano)

Edmond Dede

Chicago Waltz (piano)

Francoise et Tortillard – (piano and voices)

Kikipatchouli et Kakaoli (piano)

Mephisto masque, polka fantastique (orchestra)

Mirliton fin de siecle polka (piano + mirliton)

El pronunciamento – march espagnole (piano)

Le Serment de L’Arabe – chant dramatique (song)

Morgaine (orchestra)

The Sound of Soul – Phyl Garland

I’ve been reading Liner Notes for the Revolution – the Intellectual Life of Black Feminist Sound by Daphne A Brooks. Doing a side-dive, I came across these interviews. Very insightful snapshot into the racist history of popular music.

Part 1:

Part 2: