I started teaching private flute lessons when I was 13, and I have maintained a flute studio in each city I’ve lived in – 7 cities in 5 states! By teaching a student how to practice and self-assess, I put them in charge of their own learning. I ♥️ FLUTE.

I began teaching music theory at South Miami Senior High in 2000 (beginning, intermediate, Advanced Placement levels). From 2003-2006 I was a Teaching Assistant for Musica Practica and Aural Skills courses at UW-Madison. Since then, I have taught music theory and aural skills at WCATY, UWW Flute Camp, Madison College, and Edgewood College.

I have openings for new students!

Lessons are offered online via WebEx or Zoom. Please email me to schedule a free 10-minute consultation to discuss your learning needs.

All ages and all levels are welcome and encouraged! I would love to teach you!


The Development of Flutes in Europe and Asia (includes images!)

Downloadable Fingering Chart

Fingering Chart – includes trills!


The following publications are in the public domain and available for free download! For more free music, please visit www.imslp.org.


One octave Major and Minor Scales (page 4-5)

Two octave Major and Harmonic Minor Scales

A. P. Vivian – Scale Exercises

Reichert – Daily Exercises

Taffanel and Gaubert – 17 daily exercises

Taffanel and Gaubert – Method Complete de la Flute



Guiseppe Gariboldi – 30 Easy and Progressive Studies

Ernesto Kohler – 20 Easy Lessons for Flute

Demersseman – 50 Melodic Studies


Berbiguer – 18 Etudes

Guiseppe Gariboldi – 20 Studies for flute op. 132 **

Guiseppe Gariboldi – 15 Modern, elegant and progressive etudes for flute **

Giuseppe Gariboldi -Art of Prelude, op. 149

Joachim Andersen – 26 Little Caprices for flute, op. 37

Joachim Andersen – 18 Little studies for flute

Ernesto Köhler – 15 Easy Exercises, op. 33, book 1


Ernesto Kohler – 12 Medium Difficult Exercises, op. 33 book 2

Kohler -Expressive Etudes, op. 89 (1-11)

Kohler – Expressive Etudes, op. 89 (12-22)

Boehm – 24 Caprices, op. 26

Anderson – 24 Etudes, op. 15

Anderson – 24 Etudes, op. 33

Anderson – 18 Etudes, op. 41

 **this particular edition may not be in the public domain.

Jennifer Cluff has assembled a multi-genre list of free music. Her entire site is an invaluable resource. https://www.jennifercluff.com/freemusic.htm

Flute Music by Black Composers: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VQCMq7k_IaGEKkscPjhBeGsjvkW-1NfIrLR_-5KnvFg/htmlview#gid=0

Some WSMA Class A Flute Solos (this is not the complete list)

Telemann: Sonata in F major – play all without repeats

Telemann: Sonata in G Major – play 2 contrasting movements

Telemann: Sonata in B minor – play 2 contrasting movements (purchase a standard edition)

Telemann: Sonata in F minor – play 2 contrasting movements ; stop the Allegro at ms. 80 and omit the D.C. (This is a manuscript version of the original, which is in bass clef!)

Telemann: Sonata in C major – play 2 contrasting movements (this version includes the basso continuo in figured bass)

Handel: Sonata in E minor – play I and II or I and IV (Sonata I from volume 1)

Handel: Sonata in G Major – play I and II (Sonata III from volume 1)

Handel: Sonata in C Major – play I and II (Sonata IV from volume 2)

Handel: Sonata in A Minor – play I and II or II and III (Sonata VII from volume 2)

Quantz: Concerto in G Major – Play I and II or II and III; omit cadenzas (flute part begins on page 23)

Honegger: Dance de la Chevre (unaccompanied)

C.P..E. Bach: Sonata in A minor (unaccompanied) – play I and II or III and IV (purchase a more standard edition)

Faure: Fantasie, op. 79 (purchase Flute Music by French Composers)

Chaminade: Concertino, op. 107 (purchase Flute Music by French Composers)

Gaubert: Nocturne et Allegro Scherzando (purchase Flute Music by French Composers)

Taffanel: Andante Pastorale et Scherzettino (purchase Flute Music by French Composers)

Briccaldi: The Carnival of Venice (purchase Galway edition)